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Greetings! It's 2016!


Going through a reboot, check out the pages here, most of my new info is on my youtube channel.

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Neck stretch safety. What? Yes, you can hurt your neck stretching it, watch to see where the danger is.

Hamstring stretches, and some pointers!

Got TMJ problems? I have some solutions!


You always wanted to get into lotus, here's how

Got shin splints? These exercises can help!

Watch this video before you hurt yourself.

Get into splits? Here's how to begin.....

And, follow it up with our most popular video, how to stretch the groin area

You work with your hands, eat with your hands, better take care of them!

Make sure to stretch your iliotibial muscles, watch this video

Please practice these stretches with the seriousness with which they are described. It is possible to pull or tear a muscle if one does not pay proper attention to the details outlined here . Consult your physician if in doubt about your physical condition before embarking on a stretching program. The author of accepts no liability for any injuries sustained while practicing any of the stretches described within.

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