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Seated Iliotibial Band Stretch
This exercise allows for a deeper stretch. First sit comfortably with your legs folded in front of you. Next, hold onto your right knee and right foot, as in the picture on the left. Make sure you support your knee and foot with the same pressure. Do not pull more with the hand on your foot. At this stage, you will feel stretch in the iliotibial band on your right leg. If this is painful, or feels like it is enough for you, stop here. It may take months to get the leg in any further than these first two positions. Do not be discouraged, keep at it, it will let go.

Hold for a few minutes, and then work on your other leg.

If you wish to increase the amount of stretch in the iliotibial band, after performing the stretch as above in the photo on the right, place your right foot in the crook of your left elbow (picture on left below.) Then wrap your arms around your folded leg and pull it into your body, as in the picture on the right. Keep your back straight. You can rock your leg gently back and forth and get more stretch out of this position. As always, repeat on the other side.

The pictures below show the above postures from the side. Note the straight back.

Iliotibial Band Stretch From Pushup Position

This stretch works the iliotibial band from a different position. First, get into pushup position as in the first picture below. Next, bring your right knee forward, and place it down in front of you between your hands, as in the pictures in the right below. Keep your hips level, and your knee in the center of your body. Relax your buttock muscles and lower your body down, as in the bottom two photos.

Now, relax into the position and feel the stretch in your iliotibial band. Work at this slowly. After completing one side, reverse to come out of the position, and stretch the other leg.

Here is the front view of the above stretch. Note how the knee is in the center of the body.

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It is possible to injure onself in any physical activity. Consult your physician if in doubt about your physical condition before embarking on a stretching program. The author of accepts no liability for any injuries sustained while practicing any of the stretches described within.



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